Monday, May 18, 2015

Family Days

 We managed to assemble the entire clan for a couple of days in May. Our three grown children, spouses of two of them and the three grandchildren.

The youngest is delighted with his lot in life. Being the center of attention is fun...although this morning he asked me if he could "go somewhere more the park." Hence seven of them are down there I'm blogging in the quiet time.
 Clay is home for a visit from far away Texas. It isn't often that she gets off this many days in a row from her job, so it's a mini vacation.
 The boys did a lot of running and chasing, soccer and what have ya. Blaze looks older, but he is really just two and a half.

But when Blaze took his nap, quiet games prevailed. Zaya occupied himself with the construction of a transmogrifier--a la Calvin and Hobbs.

 Although I think this cautionary label was given a corollary by his Dad
 Mimsy listened to an Anne of Green Gables book checked out from our local library. They have a great selection of audio books.
She still loves the outdoors best.
and little Mister "Keep the World Spinning Loudly" recharged his battery with a nap. That stuffed animal on his lap is an opossum. He named it George-George.

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