Friday, December 13, 2013

Stromboli and Cinnamon Rolls--Ambrosia!

Our school cafeteria is renown for its excellence. The cooks are revered by our present students and fondly remembered by the alumni. If I ate the noon meal every day, I'd soon be as chubby as a sausage roll, so I don't. However, there are some temptations that are irresistible. Stromboli fall into this category. Every time they are on the menu, the cooks make it a point to let me know so I don't miss my favorite treat. Today they were served with their special tomato sauce, salad,  ice cream and strawberries.  I composed an impromptu stromboli song and led my seventh and eighth grade boys in an enthusiastic tribute to the cooks.

It went something like this:

Stromboli, Stromboli
So plump and roly-poly
The meat and cheese
Can't fail to please
It thrills my little soul-i

I'm so glad our school chose not to comply with the new government cafeteria regulations which demand they serve proportions which might be sufficient for an eighty-five pound seventh grade girl but sadly insufficient for her brother who plays basketball and practices for a couple of hours every day.  Of course that choice did cost us--we lost the small stipend that the state had awarded us to cover the cost of reduced-meal tickets--but we felt that having the liberty to use our own judgment in choosing nourishing and delicious meals for our students was worth the cost.

Speaking of delicious, a couple of the home-economic students just brought in a pan full of cinnamon rolls, still hot from the oven. They offered to share them with the calculus class. I just happened to be here, since it's my hour off.

Today was a No-diet day. I guess I'll fast tomorrow.

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