Saturday, December 7, 2013

More Philosopher Limericks

So do I exist or  not?
Well, I just had a sentient thought.
And I cannot be dead
With these thoughts in my head
And I think them; I think them a lot!

Francis Schaeffer
When sin becomes cause to rejoice,
And "right to life" changes to "choice"
When the foundations give,
"How then should we live?"
We can justify raising our voice!

Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Man is naturally good and born free
His children conceived equally
Society corrupts him
Enslaves and bankrupts him
So I'm giving my children to Thee


Ludwig Wittgenstein
"Do away with explaining",  he explains
For words are all subject to change
There is no deeper meaning
Just descriptions convening
What I mean is meaning remains.

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