Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm So Spoiled.

Every teacher should teach students like mine sometime in their life.
This particular class is extraordinary.
  They listen. They work. They learn.

Today I'm watching while they do a review puzzle.

They are delightful, even if they do occasionally ask a question that shows they are really seventh and eighth-graders after all.

One little girl (We'll call her Bobbie) just meandered back to my desk, turned in her assignment and asked me if she could work on some homework for another class.
Can you imagine me saying "No. I'd rather you find some way to disrupt the others, who are still finishing their work."

Oh no! They've suddenly all finished and are turning in their work.  I'd better do something quickly before they form a line and start singing about....what?
They are singing "lunch, lunch, luuuunnchhh".  And,while the cafeteria ladies are being lauded here, and goodness knows they deserve it, I can't stand it for long. I've just time to play a hastily-improvised review game with them!

See you later, Bloggies. This is an emergency.

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