Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Deadwood Forest and the Eastern Heights

I made a marvelous discovery today while mowing in the Deadwood Forest. Under the swooping branches of Grand ole Pecan, uncomfortably near the beached whale, (Please, don't ask me what a beached whale was doing in a forest; it's a mystery. Leave it at that.) I spotted a fragment of old parchment. The runes and diagrams were difficult to decipher, but I managed to read " to tie a rapala knot'. Thinking this might refer to a magic rope, I switched on the rope-detecting antennae. Sure enough, hanging from one of the lowest branches, was a knotted rope. Someone had been practicing. Upon turning the parchment over, however, I was able to decipher another phrase, "How to tune a rapala." Could it be that a rapala is a musical instrument, maybe the same one that lured the poor whale to his death here under the overhanging branches in Deadwood Forest?

The crude fish-shaped diagram on the paper fragment seemed to bear that out.

It was all too dark and drastic--an early morning mystery shrouded in a riddle cloaked in a puzzle under the shadow of an enigma.

I decided it was time for that second cup of coffee.

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