Monday, June 10, 2013

Adventures in Mowing the Lawn

I've given official titles to all the sections of my lawn: The Northern Steppes; The Southern Slopes, The Eastern Heights, The Western Wilds, Deadwood Forests, Tomato Garden, Cedar Flats, and The Back Forty. 
(Lest you farmers give me more credit than is due, that's forty feet--not acres.)

If I don't safely navigate my star ship through each level of lawn, I'm not a worthy "Narnian Ninja" and will not be allowed to travel with "The Nine". 

This morning was adventurous: On the Southern Slopes, my starship was nearly enmeshed in the web of an untidy Dish spider. Fortunately, I was able to disentangle the vehicle and dump the web fragments into the Blue Abyss just before the Abyss Scavenger came roaring by to slurp it away. I know this means I may meet the angry steel Dish Spider to be very cautious on the Southern Slopes next week.

...and yes, I was that child who sank battleship cookie sheets in the dishwater and rescued poor, drowning spoons.

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