Friday, February 15, 2013

Lamplighter, Pathtender, Flamethrower

You are the Lamplighter
You are the one
            who shines upon their shadowed world
            and shows them cluttered corners that need cleaning.
You help them trim the wick and polish the glass,
            so their steps are safe in the shadows
            and their enemy hides his faces
            from the sight of the shining light which you have lit.

You are the Pathtender
You are the one
            who leads them to their source of life
            and shows them running streams that wait for drinking.
You help them find the food that lasts forever,
            so their ways are safe from famine
            and their enemy fades before them
            at the sound of strength and purpose you have set.

You are the Flamethrower
You are the one
            who fans the coals within their hearts
            and shows them frozen corners that need thawing.
You help them find the fuel…and burn the dross,
            so their ways are free from fences,
            and their enemy flees defeated
            at the feel of the holy fire that you have lit.

So, Lamplighter, Pathtender, Flamethrower,
Burn brightly.
You are their kindling
So your fire must never go out.

"...the fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; 
it shall never go out."Leviticus 6:13

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aftergrace said...

This is really beautiful! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back on to your blog, I really love to read your posts.