Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Baby Blaze

There's nothing quite the same kind of exciting as the arrival of a new baby into the family.

This is my newest grandson and I think his blog name will be Blaze. That's what my students would call "Cool", a term that never seems to go out of style in the same way other slang does.

He will be a week old tomorrow, and I'm just now announcing the birth. (Life is sometimes busy like that.) This was one of the first pictures, when he was just a few minutes old and trying to figure out what kind of world he had landed in.
...right away he decided he didn't much care for it.

Life was cold; blankets were wrinkly, noises were all loud and annoying, and the lights were blazing into his eyes. In fact, every time he opened them it brought about bright flashes and the sound of gooey voices going ahhhh.  Speaking of voices, what was that wailing sound that kept filling the air every time he tried to express his displeasure with the whole situation?

Couldn't all these people just fade away. That guy, over there-- the one with footprints all over his arm and the stunned look on his face. His voice sounded familiar, but Blaze had never seen him before. He felt sure he would have remembered that thick, black beard. 

Ah well, he didn't have to figure it out before a nap. It was warmer now. Maybe they would get rid of those lights. Wrong again. Another big bunch of noise.
There were older people now, crowding the room. If he craned his neck he could just see them all lining up. Strange smells of Sunday perfume, mingled with antiseptics and detergents..whatever those were.  

So why did everybody keep looking at him, passing him around like a golden baton?

Everybody talking at once, asking who he looked like, as if that was important right now, when he wanted to sleep. After all, if he looked like someone now, he would likely look like them tomorrow too, after a nap or two. Were they ever going to leave him alone?

Nope, didn't look like it. Next, all the male types lined up for a turn. At least they were quieter. No oohs or aahs out of them. They held him tightly.
If he closed his eyes, he could imagine himself far a dark, warm room with quiet music playing in the distance. He could almost go back to sleep.
But no. Not yet. There was yet another transfer. Yikes! All these beards! He felt like he had fallen into a geneology chart.
Then, at last, a voice he recognized. Ah yes. He'd heard that voice for as long has he could remember...
So this is what she looked like!. Maybe she would keep him safe from his adoring fans out there.
They could all just go back to the lobby where they had been living for the last few hours. He was ready for some peace and quiet. But he had one final observation to make:
"After I catch a few snoozes, I'll show them what it feels like to be awakened every few minutes"
Congratulations Elijah and Marie on your beautiful child. He's a wonderful addition to the family...both families that is.


Carina said...

He's gorgeous, and I would've been keeping him awake and oohing and ahhing right along with the rest of you if I could've.

aftergrace said...

He is so beautiful! What a sweet little blessing. Welcome sweet, sweet babe.