Thursday, June 7, 2012

Turtle Goes Fishing

The day was calm and fishful
at least the fisherman was wishful.
When he took his light canoe
And sought a quiet spot
 Near the shore the rocks were slippery
His vessel prone to flippery
So he braved the deeper waters
Where fish just might be caught

But ski boats agitated
Sent waves that aggravated
The canoe was buffeted a bit
And the fish were scared away

So he rowed back empty-handed,
Made sure the boat was landed,
And he had an impressive sunburn
To show for the entire day.


Carina said...

And I'm sure he's thrilled that the whole adventure was immortalized in song. =)

Lilibeth said...

Shhh. He doesn't know.

aftergrace said...

Yeah, but by the look of the smile on his face I don't think he feels too badly about leaving the fish behind. :)