Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dieting Drearies

I'm getting really tired of dieting, but I'm not going to quit. I really have no choice. The minute I open the door to sugar, it's over. I'm not ready to throw the pounds back on and elevate the blood pressure again, and aggravate the knee joints, and bring on the chest there it is. I'm just going to eat boring food for the rest of my life. Oh, it's not so bad. On Sundays and special occasions, I can break the rules...but that means I have to be ridiculously cautious the rest of the week. I'm not looking for a lot of solutions here; really, I suspect there are none. I'm just asking for sympathy!

Here's the problem:
Why don't the food companies make sugar-free food in more flavors?

I see mocha, pumpkin, cream cheese, mint, caramel, raspberry, cherry, blueberry and coconut cream. But not in the sugar free. Nope. We get vanilla and hazelnut. Don't get me wrong. I like vanilla and hazelnut...but I like the others too. Where are they?

Think about cake mixes. They come in a jillion flavors. We get chocolate and vanilla. Nice.

Ice cream? Same there. I  would love to eat almond chocolate, coconut ice cream...or mint chocolate chip...or peach. I dream of peach ice cream.

And then there's jello pudding. It's my one delightful sixty- calorie treat. I like it. But I'd like it more if it came in Mocha, Coffee, Coconut, Tapioca, Cherry, Peach, or Custard!

Yesterday evening we shopped in a larger city. I scanned the offerings hopefully. After all, online there are pictures of other flavors.
Nope. No luck.

Finally, I spotted a sugar-free tapioca pudding. It was another brand, but it might be tasty. Right? Well it might have been, but it wasn't. In fact there was no taste at all. Imagine eating starch soup. Yep.

Oh well. If only all my problems in life were this small....


Carina said...

This is where you find a good low-fat/no-fat cookbook, and start learning to make tasty food, by, you know, cooking. That sugar-free stuff is...let's just say there are tastier options out there that don't have to leave you feeling empty and cheated. =)

aftergrace said...

Well dear cousin, I know how you are feeling. The diet I have been on for the last three years is a good one, and it never leaves you feeling "without". Trust me, I know that without it I would be wanting everything sugar.