Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Golden Daybreak

There's a special bonus to getting up early; it's called "Daybreak".
Sometimes it's just called "Awesome".
I took a few pictures on the way to work this morning. I know; they're almost alike, but I had a really hard time deciding which one to cut.
I know the Heavens declare the glory of God. Sometimes quietly, sometimes in a loud and boisterous shout! Today they were singing--fortissimo!

I was listening to my new CD--Handel's Messiah performed by the Cambridge Singers, and the Royal Philharmonic--
'Twas marvelous accompaniment for the show in the skies.


oldegg said...

What I love about your posts is the utter wonder and beauty in creation in them. How wonderful it is to see and appreciate these gifts.

Carina said...

If only daybreak didn't have to happen so early...

I suppose it wouldn't seem as special if everyone was up to see it.

aftergrace said...

What a perfect way to start the day!

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

What wonderful photos!