Saturday, April 28, 2012


We say strong faith "moves mountains",
Alters the course of rivers
And sets multitudes ablaze

Yet faith is a flame
It must be guarded, if it would grow.
Faith is dependent like a branch
Attached to a vine to be sustained
It cannot yield its fruit alone.

Doubt's tenacious...suffocating.
It thrives in the desert and the dark;
Grows in solitude and sufficiency
Defiant and proudly on its own.
Doubt invades the crumbling conscience,
Of a cynical, spectating crowd
And silently erodes will to won't.

That's because Faith is alive.
Doubt is dead.
And living things take work.
Dead ones don't.

Our Sunday Scribblings Prompt was "Storm".


Carina said...

I like it. A good image. It's like light and dark as well. Making light takes effort, and the dark is just the absence of the light.

jaerose said...

Like a flower..the head is fragile..the roots at times unruly..not giving the petals the best chance..but sometimes they shine yellow in the rocks..Jae

Denise Moncrief said...

Living things take work...well said, Lilibeth

oldegg said...

What a beautiful and inspiring poem. I had a little difficulty with doubt thriving then later is dead, but the message is clear.

Dee Martin said...

Faith is so hard to pin down, but you are right, I think, Faith does take work :) Great thoughts!

Sreeja said...

Inspiring one...yes we need to take care.

Archna Sharma said...

This is gorgeous, Lilibeth. It reminds me of a story that I read on gods. They were awake in their own world and suffering without our faith. Very lovely.
(my writing is usually much softer than this, but it was still fun to explore)

Many blessings.