Friday, December 31, 2010

Organizing All The Piles of Stuff

I know it is dangerous to set new year's resolutions but I'm going to try just two...easy ones and not something that will overwhelm me into giving up.

I want to lose weight--at least ten pounds. (I know...I know...that's puny, but I'm not a superhero here)
I want to organize all my closets, cupboards, and dresser drawers. (It may take a year, but my goal is to do one each week. Doesn't sound hard, does it?)
Dare I try any more?
Nah. Those two will be hard enough.
Hope you have a Happy New Year
Be safe in the arms of God.

Here's a cartoon that reminds me of me.


Dawn said...

I love the cartoon!!! lol! The resolutions are very "do-able"! We should compare notes as to what we have cleaned out each week. Keep each other accountable! Happy New Year, Lilibeth! said...

6 drawer dresser and filled 2 photo albums

aftergrace said...

Love it!

faith said...

Loved the C.S. Lewis quote above and the cartoon! How are the NY's resolutions coming? Losing weight and being more organized are forever on my list! :)

Rallentanda said...

Oh, how I would love to have someone to do everything for me...I want to be you!
Pop in tomorrow for a POW prompt to see how the other half live:)