Monday, December 27, 2010


When it comes to Turtle and skills, I wonder if he hasn't descended from Norse stock, lived in Hrothgar's Hall and wrestled Grendel perhaps. Now before you raise that eyebrow and say "huh", bear with me a minute. I have my reasons for thinking this, the chief of which is his strange affinity for kenning-like hobbies skills. As long as we have been married, Turtle's brain has spun with orbiting interests as if affected by the laws of planetary motion; however, his passions come and go with widely varying schedules. Unlike the planets, they almost all begin with a B and are two-word expressions. My Norse-man is a: bee-keeper, bow-hunter, bike-peddler, back-packer, buck-skinner and book-binder.  I think the b must stand for "buy", because every time one of these interests strikes, he adds a few items to the equipment he needs for the hobby interest.

Lately, however, Turtle has added a seventh interest. Whether this means, having reached the perfect number, he will at last attain satisfaction in his own capacity for extraneous abilities, or whether this spells big trouble, I'm not sure. You see, this one has broken the streak of b's. It's fly-fishing.

Scary. ..has he migrated to another solar system and will he now begin to accumulate random skills like flee-bargaining and face-booking?


Carina said...

I'm not sure what flee-bargaining is, but I'm pretty sure face-booking isn't in his future. =)

Lilibeth said...

Flea-bargaining is shopping at a flea market and not accepting the price as it is marked! I was just waiting for someone to ask that. Actually, I think he already flea-bargains by a different name: e-baying.