Sunday, November 14, 2010

Turning ugly old junk into useful furniture

Now isn't that a bright idea?
Last summer, when my dad needed to clear out a storage building, he asked all of us if we wanted any of the old furniture. I picked out a couple of pieces--one for sentimental value. (It was my daughter's little wardrobe and I thought I might could make a toy cabinet for my grandchildren) and the other because it looked like it would make a good "fly-tying cabinet" for my husband, whose blog name is Turtle, aka Turtle the Fearless.
Anyway, here's the cabinet with its three heavy coats of paint--green, black, and sunshine yellow. There's a kind of contact paper on the top and it's going to be a mess to scrape off, but underneath--ah there you can see real wood.
I hope it's salvageable, but for tying flies it really doesn't have to look like Ethan Allen. I'll have to replace the hardware, of course, although that wire handle does add a little charm of its own.

Here's a record of my daily progress:
Off with the Old
Elbow Grease 
Little by Little 
Finally Finished Furniture


Anonymous said...

That looks like a lot of work but it'll give you a great sense of achievement when you finish it all!

Here from Sunday Scribblings

jaerose said...

Lovely photo-story Lilibeth..I am sure it will be treasured..Jae

faith said...

I like it - lots of potential! What a great gift for your husband.

oldegg said...

This does look like a really interesting piece of furniture and hope that it is just right to tie flies, in or on or whatever. Make sure you post photos of the finished article.

aftergrace said...

You're right, it is perfect for storing stuff for tying flies.