Monday, December 14, 2009

Turtle the Fearless

I know this is a pretty bad video but I wanted you to see something:
Look in the the left of the tree.
See that gray-haired man playing with the young people at our Christmas program?

That's my husband.

He hadn't touched his lips to a trombone for twenty five years, but he borrowed this one to play Silent Night up there with the "once-a-year" youth ensemble.


Well you see that little girl standing next to him? It's her first year in band. At practice the other night she was in tears--feeling totally incompetent and all alone. So they brought her to pastor for comfort.

There's nothing that gets to Turtle more than a little child who is crying, so he promised that he would find a trombone and play it at the program with her.
I think she looks perfectly self-assured now, and, although he says he completely had to improvise the ending, I couldn't tell it. His great sense of compassion was more important to me than perfection, and I was proud of him.

Our Sunday Scribblings prompt was Brave


Johanna said...

I'm not good at expressing how I feel with words.. but this moved me to tears. :) proud happy tears.

Carina said...

What a great Daddy we have!

Dee Martin said...

aw I don't even know you and I want to give him a squish :)

aftergrace said...

Turtle is the best! What a great guy,and wonderful pastor. :)

ojanna said...

that was very sweet of him! i would totally appreciate anyone doing that for me, more so if it were a complete stranger. it must have been a big step though. :D