Monday, November 29, 2010

Pecan Canoe

Our pecan tree decided to drop all its leaves and pecans overnight, or at least that's what it seemed like. On Thanksgiving day they were hanging on, but one cold night and--kazaam--they came tumbling off so fast we could sit inside and watch them fall, floating and diving to land gently below. Now this generated a problem: the pecans and the leaves were mixed thoroughly. Winnowing the leaves with a shovel worked, but who has the energy for that? Our son-in-law, Art, tried for a while, but soon decided there had to be a more practical solution.
So the next step was loading the canoe with piles of the mixed matter, using a leaf blower to eject the chaff, and watching while the heavier pecans rolled down to the lower end of the boat. I'm sure canoe makers everywhere are shuddering, but hey, it sure beats crawling around on the lawn and picking them up one at a time.

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aftergrace said...

Too clever that Art! Well, it really is a pretty pecan tree. Mim, Bailey and I loved walking through all the leaves and making them crunch!