Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lots of Little Visitors this Evening

We've had lots of little visitors this evening. First, we hear the slam of a car door, then a few excited squeals, adult cautionary voices, and the fast pitter patter of strange feet coming up the sidewalk. We've had bugs and princesses, cheerleaders and super heroes. Most are carrying light sticks and little sacks for candy, which is appealing to them, but not any more than being able to ring the doorbell and wait for a benevolent human with a bowl of candy bars in her hands. Most of the little ones are already eating candy; it creates a sticky mask across their upturned faces.

The adults hovering behind these creatures remind them if they don't say thank you fast enough, and grab them before they dart into the street. A few older ones have been unaccompanied, but even those waited patiently while I doled out the reward.
This little lady was quite elaborate in her pirate costume. Whatever she was wearing, I think it involved too many layers, because she looked a little warm...maybe it was just from running from door to door. Her brother said he was a jester, but he looked like a harlequin to me

All evening I kept surprising those who knew me from our Wednesday night church program for children.
"Hey! You're the story lady! I didn't know where you lived!"
Well, now they do, and I think that's a good thing.

Now they know a safe house in the neighborhood. The candy corn girl, cheerleader, and lollipop-licking superman go to our church. I invited them in so I could see their costumes better and decided to start taking pictures.

It is cool outside, but by no means cold. In short, a perfect evening for some family fun. Around here it's all a treat.

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aftergrace said...

Awww, looks like they all had a great time!