Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fiery Monday

I drove to work on Monday toward a fiery sky and discovered that I had thirty minutes to spare, since I had forgotten we had a teacher's meeting at 8:00 and school was starting an hour late. So, ignoring the few minutes I could have used to do some intensive planning for the day, I promptly joined the cook, a good friend of mine, to walk about three blocks over and investigate a burning house. There were fire-fighting vehicles parked all along the street, and, to my surprise, I recognized most of the firemen who were cleaning up the last remains of the burned-out, building, which, fortunately, had been vacant when the fire erupted early that morning. Some were former students of mine.
"Sure", they said, "You can walk a little closer. Mind the hoses."
So we approached and snapped a couple of pictures of the ruins, the smoke, the embers, and the heroes.


Carina said...

We have truly awesome volunteer firefighters here. We all really appreciate them.

aftergrace said...

That must have been pretty scary!