Monday, August 16, 2010

Walking in the Rain

Swiftly to the edge of town
We walked to watch the sun go down

We saw the moon behind the cloud
And heard the crickets trill aloud

Somewhere West we saw it rain
On dusty fields and dry terrain

Saw the cloud bank pink and gray
Saw the lightning skip and play
We hurried home and the clouds gave chase
And we were soaked; we lost the race
But the rain felt wondrous on my face


Rose said...

just so beautiful. love the rain hit me esp. when it's hot thanks for yor comment on my blog re spring cleaning. still doing it, hate it, but i won't do this again for anytime soon.. rose

Carina said...


Your son-in-law came home drenched, and it was great fun to watch the kids run up and hug him, then re-coil.

aftergrace said...

Rain is such a cleansing thing, so needed in our little city of dust.
Beautiful pics!