Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Fairy Princess Geek

Yesterday we celebrated my granddaughter Mim's fifth birthday. She has turned into a real "girly" girl whose favorite color is pink and who loves tiaras and necklaces. At the same time, she can't deny her father's engineering genes and instruction, and she often asks her mom if she can play "Think Geek" on the computer. What that means, of course, is can she peruse the website catalog and add desirable items to her "wish list". So after the excitement of the Edwardian dollhouse book, the strawberry princess cake and fairy costume with a real wand, she and her brother settled down to play with the gear machine.



aftergrace said...

Oh my goodness! Five?? Where did the time go??

Teresa Dawn said...

She's adorable!!!! I love the fairy princess outfit!

Rose said...

what a cute birthday girl. cute outfit. looks like the children play well together, or is that just at this particular time. saw your comment re wind. yes, wind can be a problem, but there is also those times when it can be accepted. i wouldn't lie dust in my face. take care. rose

Carina said...

Girls need a little variety, that's all. =)

Mary Kay is Geneva Designs said...

Birthdays are fun. My 'baby' turns 21 this Saturday. Where did that time go? She is also somewhat of a Fairy Geek. She is an art major, and loves the set up and clean up of art gallery work.
Enjoy the time, it will fly quickly!
btw: I love your "about me" under your profile pic. Amen!