Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why Americans are Fat!

We stopped at a restaurant in the Ozarks: Lamberts, home of the "throwed rolls".

I ordered smoked porkchops, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and water. they brought the meal to me in a huge skillet and kept bringing free extras--fried okra, black-eyed peas, and grits--to the table. In addition, a boy with a basket of freshly-baked rolls kept throwing them to the customers as fast as they could consume them. He was a pretty good shot, and a good judge of catching abilities-- pitching lightly to the old ladies and spinning straight shots clear across the room toward the mitt-sized hands of young men whose smiles demanded a challenge. Nobody dropped a roll--while I was watching anyway--and, as if the rolls weren't scrumptious in themselves, or the butter on the tables not enough to take them to the next day's calorie intake limit, another young man promptly supplemented it with scoops of sorghum/molasses, which he loudly proclaimed as he carried the bucket from table to table.

Connie ordered a chef salad, because she wanted a light meal. Look at this thing!
It's enough to feed a family! Needless to say, she didn't finish it. Instead, we got a carry out bag and took it to the lodge, where she ate more for supper, and for breakfast and lunch the next day. Finally, it froze and at that point it became tossed salad.

My point is: Arrrgh!


Johanna said...

Oh my goodness! That's a huge salad!

Carina said...

Scary that there are people out there who can eat that much at one sitting, too.

rose said...

it's amazing what people can eat. have a safe mem. day. rose

aftergrace said...

Yikes, I can certainly relate to this post. Too many large portions my way made me way too big.