Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Senior Trip Scenery

We stayed in beautiful scenery for our senior trip--Southern Missouri. The lodge where we lived for a week was fully furnished--all the dishes and basic groceries in the kitchen, pool table, family movies,even a Wii in the den. It was less expensive than renting hotel rooms and much better suited to our schedule.Six bedrooms, six bathrooms, fireplace, screened-in eating porch, washer/dryer--it was a dream house. On top of that, our seniors were amenable and pleasant to be with.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself. That's not to say I would do it again next week: I'm home for the summer and glad to be here.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the scenery. I took them while walking.

On the road, I was either riding along--carsick and closing my eyes, or driving cautiously with both hands on the wheel while the impatient natives formed an angry line behind me. Let's just say I'm a true child of the plains:

I think that curves--while beautiful--are disconcerting and may be treacherous. Hmmm.


Roshelle said...

It's beautiful! I'm with you on the car sick thing. The Ozark Mountains do me in every time. Ugh! Welcome to your summer! Hope it's a great one.

(loved the grandchild picture, too) priceless.

rose said...

very beautiful. great pic. thanks. have a good day. rose

aftergrace said...

Next year I want to go!