Saturday, April 17, 2010

Strange Looking Shrubbery

My neighbors have a strange little shrub on their front lawn. It boasts a sunken middle--rather like a green leafy pudding-filled breakfast roll. Like a fearless investigator, I sneaked over there with my camera early one morning when my riders were late for the commute.

Ah. Poor meter reader guy. I'll bet he remembers that one.

It causes him no end of trouble--
That bush which resembles a bubble.
Each month when the reader
Examines the meter
He thinks about making shrub stubble


Carina said...

Love the Limerick!

aftergrace said...

He could end up in the rubble!

Bring us a shrubbery!

Roshelle said...

This is funny! Only in small-town-america can we get away with overgrown bushes disguising our meters... wouldn't want to be that meter-reader! Great limerick! :)