Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Turtle just created a spoonerism that made us both laugh. He said:

Well, it's 200 miles the fly crows.

I tried to locate a picture of a crowing fly, but this was the closest I could find.
He does look like he is trying to
say something, but not wake the world in the
early morning.

I think I know the subconscious reason for the slip though: Turtle has a new hobby; he ties flies. Flies, yes. Like fly-fishermen use at the ends of those long whips they call fishing lines.
Anyway, he wrestles with string, scissors, wires, fluff balls, and silk to create little poofs of fuzzy stuff that resemble an insect or a baby mouse and hide mean hooks. He has to use tying tools for making tiny knots and magnifying glasses to see them. He calls it relaxing. Go figure that one!


Carina said...

I've always found it exhausting just hearing about how Dad relaxes. I can't imagine being the one who actually does it.

aftergrace said...

It sounds fun, I would love to go fly fishing someday!