Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Lernean Hydra


You cut off one head and two grow back.

When I finally finished doing the taxes for Turtle and me, for Claye, and for Elijah, there was a ream of paper work! OK so I exaggerate! But the IRS is rather more complicated than conservative. There were papers that came spewing from my printer with nothing but print and lines with zeros and "NA". Several pages were dignified by the brave presence of one little, measly number.

I believe Hercules defeated the monster by soliciting the help of a friend with a torch to staunch the flow of blood and keep the heads from growing back. I did something different: I only printed essentials and e-filed the entire mess of papers back to the feds. There!
They can deal with their own dragon.

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aftergrace said...

IRS=Overkill! I just finished Ren and Alli's. No fun.