Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Labors of Hercules

Spring break...

I've got lots of work planned and if the weather will cooperate I'll be outside in the sunshine. I discovered long ago, when I was a little girl doing dishes in an angry ocean of suds and lurking submarines, that it helps if I over-dramatize each task , so today I cleaned the Stables of Augeas. Well, not single-handedly though. I called re-inforcements: Turtle, Claye, and Sara Lee. We raked the detritus from last falls' leaves and gathered ice storm sticklets. It took hours, and we only got the back yard and the side yard finished, but it looks so nice the girls have decided to "camp out" in the yard tonight...make s'mores, fry bacon, and just pretend they are out in the wild.

It really looked more like a natural forest with all the leaves on the ground, but hey, this is America--we sweep our yards. I'm not at all tempted to camp out in the tame...or the wild for that matter. I hope they don't encounter a Caledonian Boar or a Nemean Lion out there.

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aftergrace said...

From what I can see it looks very nice. What a great feeling to get the yard cleaned up!