Monday, August 3, 2009

Where's Waldo?

We took a trip for a church conference and spent four days in Kansas City.
Every day, at least once, we traveled across the Missouri River or across Stateline street and spent some time in Missouri, but at night, we stayed at a hotel in Kansas. The first part of the convention was for pastors and their families.

It was good...inspiring and well planned, classes in the morning and free afternoons, so that the pastors could use part of the convention for a family vacation. My only complaint is that I over-ate...the food was too good and they fed us too frequently. My lack of self-control, however, can't be blamed on the convention.

Here are some pictures of interesting places we visited. The most fascinating was the riverboat Arabia, excavated and brought up from the Missouri in 1988. It was crammed with supplies for households up river--dishes, clothes, tools, buttons, beads, perfumes. They have a web site that shows much more than I did.

One day we accompanied a group to a wild ride/theme park. We didn't do the wild rides--my stomach likes to stay attached and upright, thank you--but we got in a good walk, had our cartoon picture made, and rode the river ride on a pleasant, cool day.

The second part of the convention was broader and geared for the entire church...well, really geared for the younger set of the entire church. We discussed church plants and trends, some of which are depressing...and I did so much want to be encouraged. Oh well. We visited the center of town, where two young couples are involved in founding a church among the yuppies who are moving back to the inner city and reclaiming it. There are 20,000 people in their field, and very few churches. That district of the city is called Waldo, so the theme of the convention was: "Where's Waldo"?


Carina said...

Very clever!

I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves, and I hope those depressing trends are on the cusp of reversal.

aftergrace said...

Well, I'm glad you were able to do some fun things in the midst of a depressing convention.

I love the photos.