Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Last Lazy Days of Summer

Art and Carina are taking two days of real vacation at the lake. I'm keeping the kiddos. They are industrious and leave little time for computer blogging...right now, however, Mim is watching a veggie tale movie and Zaya is playing on the wii--Super Paper Mario.

Yesterday, we set up the shark pool.....It was great for exercise, most of which consisted of running back and forth to turn the water hose/sprinkler up or down. Here, Zaya is holding his hand over the sprinkler part, getting ready to release the spray all over Mim.

After that, they rested on the warm porch chair. Zaya was all worn out from pretending to be a sea sponge and eating marine snow and from being a sea slug, which "doesn't leave a slime trail like other slugs." He was also--very briefly--a dung beetle, rolling its ball of dung ahead of him while he crawled on the grass. Not long after this I found him asleep in his sleeping bag in the guest room. He was probably pretending to be a mole.

Mim doesn't nap. She spent this time turning my living room into a block city and putting stickers into a Victorian Dollhouse Book. Of course this had to be a joint effort, as the stickers were amazingly detailed. I detached the stickers while she looked at the model picture and told me which room they fit. Turtle even got involved in this while I was busy. He was able to finish the attic stickers. Then it was on to drawing on the light board and getting out the little china for a tea party. I looked at the floor and told Mim she was a little messer. She told me I was a messer too, so we got into an argument over who was the biggest messer. It's still going on this morning.

Zaya slept on until Clay and I had to wake him for our exercise at the gym. I thought both children would get bored quickly there, but they entered into the program with glee, exercising on every machine that was small enough for them, jumping on the mini trampoline, and rejoicing in the fact that they were really "getting in shape."

It rained in the afternoon. Zaya stood and watched it from the window. He assured me that the rain was coming from nimbostratus clouds. I asked him how he knew and he told me that the rain was misty and there wasn't any lightening or thunder so I shouldn't worry.

They were both up this morning at seven, because I had put them to bed at 8:30. (They didn't exactly go to sleep at 8:30, but I'm not saying how long it took because Carina just might read this.) Zaya told me he saw a crack of light coming in his window so he was able to use his sense of sight to know it was morning. Mim used her sense of hearing; grandpa's obnoxiously loud cell phone alarm works anywhere in the house.

Anyway, we made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I tried eggs first, but they only ate the white...with a little salt. Cinnamon rolls are more fun anyway. I cautioned Zaya to stay away from the hot stove, and he told me: "if I were Lava Spikit the heat wouldn't hurt me. I would just harness its energy and use it for power." I told him that he was not lava Spikit right now so he should still move away from the stove. He did; they are both very obedient.

When the cinnamon rolls came out of the oven, Zaya remarked: "Wow! they sure have changed a lot." Mim immediately instructed him that it was "irreversable change" and he would not be able to change them back. "I know," he said, and popped one into his mouth.

Well, Mim is bored with the video now and Zaya's batteries have run out so this calls for me to finish in a hurry. After this, I may need a vacation at the lake myself.


aftergrace said...

Your grandchildren really do keep you on your toes!

A messer? Surely not! :)

Carina said...

Mim knows a messer when she sees one, because she comes by her messer skills honestly.

So glad they were obedient. Thank you very, very much for watching them. Art and I had a great time having grown-up conversations, going on long walks at whatever pace we chose and sleeping all night long without getting anyone (but myself) a drink or a potty break. =)