Saturday, August 15, 2009

Somebody is Four Years Old

Happy Birthday, Mimsy Lou!
I should have made you a princess cake to go with your new purple phone, but here's the cold, hard, facts: Grandma is not much of a cook. You were lucky to get a chocolate cake that looked like a plowed prairie rather than a dank swamp or a bulging mountain range. Thanks for being delighted anyway. Someday you'll turn persnickety about what you want and just how you want it to look. Right now I'm enjoying the innocence.

Love you, Dear.

Grandma Lilibeth


Carina said...

She won't necessarily turn persnickety. It's not like her mommy makes beautiful, fancy cakes, so she just thinks that's normal. Thank goodness. When she wants something fancy she asks me to get it from the United bakery.

aftergrace said...

The cake is perfect, and made with love. Is there anything better?
I can't believe Mim is four, where has the time gone?