Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to School Picnic

I know, I know, that's supposed to be "end of school" but we actually have two of these at our school. The Student Council plans these things as a time when the students can be together and talk. This first one is good for meeting new friends and re-connecting and actually seeing all the old friends you only communicated with on facebook and through texting all summer long. The last one is for saying goodbye for the summer.

Yesterday, the high was ninety five degrees, but there was plenty of shade and some breeze to boot. The park had assured our STUCO that they were open from 10:00 until 8:00 every day until Labor Day. Everybody was ready to play on the water slide, go miniature golfing, ride the paddle boats and other rides, drive go carts, and just do cool activities all day. Unfortunately, the amusement employees had decided to take the morning off since their numbers had dwindled over the last two days. They didn't show up until 1:00. (And then it was only the water slide) Since we were scheduled to leave at 1:30, that left precious little time for getting cool before the hot bus ride home. About half of the kids jumped in there anyway. (Mostly the younger ones who were riding the old yellow bus). I dangled my feet in the water...if that counts. My face was red and puffy from the sun and the heat, and I'm sure I looked like I'd spent all day on a desert island without an umbrella or coconut palm.

Still, I didn't hear much complaining. The students participated in a scavenger hunt, then walked around in little groups or sat and talked in the shade. They were self-controlled, not blaming Moses for leading them to the wilderness. I was proud of them.


aftergrace said...

Looks like fun even though it was sooo hot!

Be sure and take care of your sunburn! :)

Carina said...

Exploring was always the most fun part of being at Quartz anyway.