Monday, August 1, 2016

Olympic Limericks. Oh no. Not again.

 I can't believe it has been four years since I wrote the last Olympic limericks, but amazingly enough, it has. So it's time for more. Can you bear it?

The fans of the world rush pel-mel
"olympics", they boisterously yell.
For these games are the sportiest
These athletes the fortius
The altius and the citius as well.

They've all gravitated to Rio
 In search of a medallic trio
They crave just a chance
To survive and advance
"The gold? Oh will it be mio? "

The fasta', the higha', the stronga'
whoever can stay in the longa'
She'll read her own story
He'll shine in his glory
Like the flag-bearing man from the Tonga

Disclaimer...These pictures may not all be from the 2016 games.
I'll add more when I have time.

And limericks. I'll add some more limericks too.
If you aren't patient enough to wait for them, here's a link to some from four years ago.  It's surprising how many of the limericks still apply, actually.  Oh well. Here's the link

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Carina said...

I was just telling Aaron about your Olympic limericks last night. =)