Friday, May 8, 2015

After Seven Years of Drought...What is this water-stuff?

I think we can safely say the drought is over. After three weeks of intermittent storms--hail, thunder, tornadoes and what have ya, the ponds are full, the streets are running, the lakes are recovering and the citizens rejoice. It's almost wonderful.

 Oklahoma red water in the creek.
 Back yard run-offs...

 Only if you've endured a drought, will you understand posting pictures of wet pavement and puddles, however muddy.
 This little calf hardly knows how to handle the wet grass.
 The horses are sensibly staying inside, away from the foreign mud stuff.
Of course the wheat is probably ruined and the peonies are hanging down their heads forlornly.

Some of the wheat was hailed to shreds last week. This field didn't look so bad. Hopefully, it will recover and dry out for a good harvest. It seems like farmers never get what they need out here.

 Such is life on the western plains.

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