Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Year Full of Labor

Labor Day...Already
What a summer crammed full of events!
I'd say I was too busy to write and post here but that wouldn't be the truth. The truth is that I was too weary and writer's block took hold of me. Things are different now. I want to write. At least today I do.

Here's what's been going on:

In the spring of 1014 my husband, Turtle, and I decided to buy a house and fix it up for our eventual retirement. As we've gotten older, it's been a topic frequently discussed but not acted upon.  We did buy a little cabin on a lake seven years ago, thinking maybe that was the thing to do, but after working out there on Saturdays and some days every summer we decided that it was too removed from civilization--grocery stores and hospitals--to be practical. We live in a parsonage--a nice one which we appreciate very much--but there will come a day when we step down and let a younger pastor take over.  At that time we will need a place to live and rent is so high we won't be able to afford it on social security income. We've worked all spring and summer on repairs:  painting, plumbing, and replacing dead wood. It is still not ready. Our idea is to rent it until we need it ourselves and we pray for clean, gentle renters.

At the end of July we had another wonderful Vacation Bible School for over fifty children.  We were in the wilderness with Moses and even had a "water from the rock" event.

On the third of August, I had an emergency event which could have ended badly, but didn't. I'm completely recovered.

During the first week of school Turtle's mom and my dad both had medical emergencies much more serious and they aren't recovered completely yet. We've been driving to Arkansas and Texas to be with them. It's hard to give up the generation that raised you and become the "elders". We want them to stay here as long as possible.

School has started. We have around 85 students this year and I love them. They have good attitudes and are hard-working and delightful.  I really have a wonderful job and just might keep working for years if it stays this rewarding. I know. It sounds too good to be true and I'll probably complain later, but right now I'm optimistic.

So, that being said, I plan to write about every one of these events and post pictures even. That is if my writer's block doesn't return. I'll try to post stuff that might help other people in the same situation, but if I ramble on and on in a verbal "selfie", please just forgive me. You don't have to read it and skimming is a good art to develop.

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Karen Whittal said...

Sounds like we can expect some fun stuff.. selfies are the best dont stop