Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Asturias (Three Word Wednesday)

He hails from the Land of Asturias
But his careful Castilian is curious
I'd caution, "Be wary
Suspicious and chary".
It's inevitable that he be spurious

This "Three Word Wednesday" our given words were curious, wary and incredible.  While seeking a rhyme for the word curious, I stumbled upon this beautiful principality on the Northern coast of Spain.
 It has its own language, although the people also speak Spanish, and a rich history of independence, kings and castles.
The Capital city of Oviedo is one of the safest in Europe.

And it seems to be a hiker's paradise.

Picturesque little towns.  How enlightening Three Word Wednesday can be! Especially when I choose to write a limerick.

That, students, is one of the reasons I force you to write structured poetry.

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