Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nothing but the Truth...Senior Play

The seniors just finished performing their fall play, "Nothing but the Truth",  by Philip J. Anderson. I've posted the introduction to the program as a favor to them...just a little something to help them remember it always...or at least as long as the internet keeps this record.

Welcome to a cruise aboard an impressive ship:  "The Deja Vu". 

The year is 1913. Passengers are wary of ocean crossings for the name "Titanic" still makes everyone nervous. 

David McNeely and his younger sister Mary are on their way to China, where Mary plans to serve as a missionary. 


The beautiful Miss Kate Miller immediately catches David’s eye and aspires to capture his friendship as well.   

Of course, a stunning beauty like Kate cannot help but attract the attention of other eligible bachelors aboard the ship. Pete Jones soon singles her out and attempts a conversation. 

The room stewardesses, Stella  and Phoebe, work hard at making everyone aboard  less nervous about the trip.

Not all passengers are easy to please. Take Mr. Walter Elias and his determined wife Lillian. They are involved in a plot more sinister than sabotage: Finding a husband for their young ward and passenger.   

Their ward, Paulette Cartier, is a young French girl returning to her native Paris after having spent four years at the university in America.  

The captain of this cruise ship, Werner Krause, calmly hosts his nervous passengers, reassuring  them with pleasant conversation and invitations to dine at his table in the exquisitely decorated dining room. 

Our final member of the cast is the manager of that dining room, an opportunistic and pragmatic young waiter. 

So board this ship with us for the next few minutes. Ride along as we sail into the perilous Atlantic. The senior students extend to you a special invitation.

We're still recovering from all the late night practices and from the performances, but if you missed it, I'm sorry. It was wonderful fun to watch.


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