Saturday, January 5, 2013


I knew we would have a bumper crop of pecans this year, but it never dawned on me how many. These are from the most recent windstorm, and--I think--they're the last of the crop. So far we've collected over fifteen five-gallon buckets full, or aver 525 lbs worth; I think there's another three in the back yard right now. All that is from one tree. We've had some shelled and given most of the others away. If we were squirrels, this would assure our next few winters. Ah well, time to stop talking about it and go collect them.

Update:  It took me about thirty minutes to collect 1300 pecans and that didn't come close to filling a five gallon bucket. Hmmm. That means we've harvested about 30,000 pecans from this tree so far.


Carina said...

The irony is too much really, considering that pecans were you're least favorite nut for most of your life. I think you've warmed to them, though.

aftergrace said...

I am so jealous! I love pecans. They are so horribly expensive to buy now-too dear.