Saturday, August 11, 2012

 Wow. We started school off with a full week. I've hardly been home. First, there was a teachers' retreat/work time at Roman Nose Park, then days of in-service, a get-acquainted/health physicals/annual school meeting/re-arranging classroom night, a board/faculty supper, enrollment, first school day.
Then it really got busy. Student council had planned a "sleep-over" for the first school day, so most of the students stayed for fun and games.

 As the sun went down on the football field, the students were divided into teams and had to create an imaginary country so they could compete in our own version of the Olympic games.
 This team, performed their pledge/chant, and demonstrated their flag.

 Here's another flag...from the little country of Bartatos. (It was a hybred from the two mentor groups: potato and barley. I know, you can tell we are a rural school.  Actually, our theme for the school year is "Harvest". This combine is tossing potatoes into the air. It's weird...but that's ok.
 Water games kept everybody cool. By this time of the evening it had cooled down to around 98 degrees, so nobody objected.
 But they made a lot of faces for this relay race.
They stayed out at the field and watched a movie on the baseball diamond--"Faith like Potatoes".

After that, the guys spent the night out under the stars, camping on the football field, while the girls rode back to school to sleep in the dorms, where
 I awaited their arrival, which turned out to be rather late.

There were girls in sleeping bags all over the living room, and in one of the dorm bedrooms.

They didn't seem to mind the crowded conditions.

This one slept in the closet.

And this little prima donna claimed the only bed. She's another one of my "grand-students". I taught her mother and all of her aunts just a few years ago (at least it seem like a few years.) She's irrepressible at a slumber party.  But, that's the way life really is.

 Supervising wasn't too bad, actually. The girls were exhausted from all the fun and games at the football field, so we all got to sleep by one o' least I did. It wouldn't surprise me if these little angels didn't whisper a bit longer.
 Just look at them. Would it surprise you?
Friday, we awoke to an all day excursion/back-to-school, get-to-know-each-other party. We all went down to Medicine Park, a tiny resort town near Lawton.

 There were fish and geese in the water, but that didn't deter too many would-be swimmers. Most of the students piled in.

Since, it was actually cool enough to walk around and enjoy all the quaint little shops, I didn't indulge in water sports. I preferred the "river walk", a lovely little trail, from which it was possible to watch the river... and smell the river.

 We teachers all milled around to our heart's content, visiting with students and each other.

Then, as the temperature began to climb, we all piled back into the vehicles for a short trip into Lawton.
 We ate at a Pizza place, where the students played arcade games, laser tag, and bowling, while a few of us enjoyed watching Olympic basketball on an overhead screen.

 I think you can tell how a couple of hours in air-conditioning gave new energy to the weary.

 As they stalked virtual prey in virtual jungles

Competed in virtual races, rode a virtual train, and erased whole worlds with a sweep of a mighty hand!
It was exhausting. . .

We finally got all the intrepid explorers back to school around five o'clock. I think they had a terrific time.

Monday, we start real school in a real world.


Roshelle said...

No wonder I'm tired :) It was all wonderful... I wouldn't change a thing except maybe add a few hours to each day... somewhere between 2-3 AM.

aftergrace said...

You all sure had a good time!

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

What wonderful photos.