Tuesday, July 31, 2012

North to Nebraska

Nebraska looks a lot like Kansas and Oklahoma, I discovered, except for one thing--Corn. I didn't see any wheat fields there, but the corn fields are impressive. They are planted on the flat fields and, just as often on the hills, even on the land that slopes down to the ditches and the creeks--almost to the water's edge.

Where the corn fields stop, there's another crop--a short, much greener plant--beans or soy, I assume, to rotate for soil replenishment. Occasionally, there are terraces on the hills, made with yard-wide swaths of some kind of tough-looking grass.
As we approached Omaha, the land became greener, and the hills higher. In the city itself, there was a hint of river moisture, but that might have been due to the fact that our hotel was within walking distance of the wide Missouri River.

We were at a church convention here for four full days, so it was refreshing to discover that the conference planners had done their homework well. The Embassy Suites hotel was wonderful. I have absolutely no complaints. Things ran so smoothly that it was difficult to tell there were two and, at one point, three separate conventions going on there. The first floor center attraction was a stream full of large goldfish. The little islands of dining areas and reading lobbies were all nestled into this stream. There was a waterfall in the corner of the second floor which fed the river.
Our room was a true "suite", with a little living and dining area, kitchenette, bathroom and large bedroom with an over the city view of the sunrise.
We were on the seventh floor, right under the roof.

 Omaha is in the process of revitalizing their downtown area. They've converted the run-down buildings into high-dollar condos and apartments and created an "Old Market" area close to the water front. Turtle and I were impressed by the plants on the roofs of downtown buildings.
 ...and climbing up the walls.
 I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of old buildings. They're impressive enough to amaze this Oklahoma yokel, but, I must admit, it doesn't take too much to delight me.

The food was scrumptious, and since I couldn't resist all the chocolate and cinnamon roll breaks, the buffet meals and "all you can eat" breakfasts of hash browns, bacon, eggs, sausage, omelets, biscuits, gravy, juice, milk, pancakes, etc. and etc, it was a battle to keep from putting on twenty pounds or so.

I managed to hold it to a couple. Of course that meant using the hotel gym, and taking the stairs instead of the spiffy-little glass elevator, but it was worth it!

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Sounds like a great place to visit. Who would've thought?