Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Great Summer Exercise Program

Most of my summer exercise program this year has been automatic and relatively painless. I don’t have to pay a membership fee or wait until a friend is ready to go with me.  About three days a week I get an hour and a half of pleasant working out—usually early in the morning before the heat begins to broil everyone who pokes his or her nose out from under the shade.

What is this great program called? Mowing the lawn! Yes. With a push mower that isn’t self-propelled. Most yards wouldn’t offer this much in the way of a routine, but we live in a parsonage. It’s large and pleasant and has scads of surrounding grass. I divide all the little lawns into plots: front, side, back, back hill, side hill, and street front. They each take around fifty minutes—some more aerobic and others more like a relaxing stroll.

I know you think I’m being sarcastic…but I actually enjoy it. After last year, and the horrible drought, I promised I’d never complain about mowing again. We've had lots of rain this year...up until July, the grass grew insanely. Now, of course, real summer has kicked in--clouds, but no rain.
I have a feeling that my job is going to be slowing down for the rest of the summer.

Maybe I'll have to do something else--water walking at the pool, perhaps.

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Carina said...

It's a great way to get exercise. You all have actually had more rain than us this summer, I think. Our grass is not growing and hasn't for about a month.