Thursday, May 24, 2012

Attractions--Large and Small

 The fence is to keep tourists least the ones who follow the rules and suggested guidelines. The buffalo in the background don't read, yet for some reason they keep their distance from this fierce little attraction

 We always have to stop and say hello to the prairie dogs in their village full of tunnels. Most of the time there are plenty of them on the surface, standing to bark a warning, or slinking up to the fence, hoping for someone to disregard the notice board and throw them a cheese pretzel.
This one found something to munch. We thought it looked like a piece of bread crust, but didn't want to approach and ask politely to see. After-all, if buffalo are afraid of them, they must be fearsome indeed. I'm sure the "cuteness" is just a ruse.


Carina said...

I've heard them give a right telling off to people behind the fence. I'm sure the buffalo are making a wise choice.

aftergrace said...

It's hard to think about buffalo being mean, but I guess if they feel threatened they can be pretty ugly. Well, that little critter is sure cute.