Saturday, April 21, 2012

Real Relaxation

I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with me.
Once again this week I listened to a woman describing the perfect little vacation her boss had given his staff-- a Holiday-inn weekend, complete with foot massages, pedicures, manicures, pool, sauna--lots of luxuriously lounging around reading magazines and chatting idly with each other.
She sighed. I smiled and murmured something appropriate like, "How nice."
What I wanted to say was,
"How horrid" I'd sooner go to the dentist.
Since I teach school, everyone assumes I love to sit around and chat with people.
Since I'm a woman, everyone assumes I love pampering.
I don't.
What's wrong with me?
I'd sooner go for a walk, mow the lawn, or read a good book. If I really need to relax I'd much rather be with family...or even--gasp--be all alone for a day.
That's a far more blissful dream than letting a strange person mess with my feet, or paint my nails or talk about famous people in magazines...most of whom haven't done anything to be famous...except possess great looking feet and nails.


oldegg said...

I loved this. Selfish indulgence in having something you don't need is so wasteful not only in time but money as well because somewhere in all this you will have paid for it. However working in the garden, walking on the beach or exploring the countryside is far more beneficial. Good on you.

Carina said...

I agree completely, but that's probably because you passed down your strange unwomanly ways. =)

Dezra said...

i would rather do dishes than have someone rub my feet or paint my nails....and i hate dishes....

aftergrace said...

I think being abble to do what makes you happy, and be where you feel at peace is far more important than any worldly pampering. I'm with you, I'd much rather be on my own doing my own thing.