Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Genetically Dominant Haikuity

 An Interesting Facebook exchange.
Carina started it by posting this status:

Carina---My Victory Haiku
Dumpster to the road
Lid pushed down; I'm just in time
Here comes the trash truck.
Whereupon her Aunt Rebecca commented
    • Rebecca  You are 200% your mother's child, even in spite of the fact that is impossible!

    • Carina:  I felt the occasion had to be commemorated. Now that I think about it, my mother is probably the source of that particular DNA code.

      Lilibeth:   Why would you think that? It could have come from your dad.
      Ha Ha just kidding. ( I don't know how to space it like a haiku)

    • Elijah:   
      Formatting Haikus?
      Try Using Shift + Enter
      Just like this mom, see?

      Whereupon I deleted my previous comment and put it in proper formatting like this:
                     Why would you think that? 
                      It could have come from your dad.
                      Ha Ha just kidding. 

      And Elijah protested

    • Elijah:      You fixed it, now people won't understand my Haiku :(

      If I had known that
        you were writing the Haiku,
       I wouldn't have fixed it.

      Well, I should have known
    • Haikuescent phenotypes
      Are hard to suppress


      Comment formatting
      deletes initial spaces!?
                     Very uncool facebook.

    • Carina wrapped it all up with:
       In the words of Sam
      The big, blue muppet eagle,
      "[We] are all weirdos."


Carina said...

And I stand by that too. For instance, it must have taken you forever to get all those pictures in place!

Lilibeth said...

It did take a few minutes...and I still couldn't get the dots out, but I figured I'd tidy it up later...over spring break. (and I know "figured" is not used properly here, but I don't have time to think of a synonym.)

oldegg said...

Well weirdos or no
I enjoyed every word
and laughed at each one

Lilibeth said...

It sounds like Old Egg
Has inherited it too
Ubiquitous gene!