Monday, February 13, 2012

One Winter Wonder Day

 It started snowing around six o'clock yesterday,  Sunday evening, and by ten last night we had all received the message that school would be dismissed on Monday. Hey, it's Oklahoma. We're not used to driving in the slush, ok? Besides, it was too beautiful to waste our winter cozy morning on trying to back out of the driveway and ending up in the mud.
I awoke before dawn, peeked outdoors and sighed. Such a soft carpet--four inches of pure, cold. And it was still. Quiet. I love still and quiet.

What a great day. I did mounds of stuff--graded papers to the tune of the dryer and the washer, and to the smell of stewing vegetables in the slow cooker. I did exercises on the Wii, caught up on all my "words with friends" crossword games, and even had time to run out to school and spend a few hours getting our Valentine shop set up!

 I drove by a house in the country and took a picture of two of my favorite little girls, my church children. They were taking advantage of the wet snow...building a snowman to guard their front door.

You can see by the drifts that the wind was from the north. It amazed me how tall they were on the south side of the east-west road.

Of course, by midday the temperature was in the mid forties and the fields were racing to see which one could change from white to green the fastest. That's rather odd too--white snow on green wheat fields and black cows munching away in the sun.

I enjoyed our brief kiss of winter; it was just right for a Valentine.


Roshelle said...

What a beautiful day when the wind finally died down. Happy Valentine's Day!

Carina said...

That's just the right kind of snow. Enough to keep us away from school, but not enough to make it really dangerous.

aftergrace said...

I agree with Carina, snow everywhere but on the roads. I'm glad you all got some moisture.