Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is My Name Balaam?

Last night, on our way to a really great concert by the Lawton Chamber Choir, Claye and I both heard my car speak. No kidding. It was very weird. This car has never spoken before, but suddenly it's mouth was opened and it spilled this phrase from both right and left speakers:

"Ready. Name tags empty. Goodbye."

We looked at each other. Did the car just talk? Yes. I heard it from my speaker.

Same here. What did it say?

"Ready. Name tags empty. Goodbye."
That's what I heard too.

Why would it say that? And why in such a cheery voice?

I checked all the gauges, tested the brakes...nothing. The car seemed to be in perfect form as we kept driving down the four-lane highway at seventy miles an hour.

We called Turtle and had him google voice alerts so he could warn us if this strange message was a portent of something that would endanger our trip home in the dark...nothing. We wondered if the message had been something about main tanks...or air bags...but the message had seemed clear:

Our name tags were indeed empty. In fact, we weren't wearing name tags...but how did that matter?
On the way home, my low gas "ding" came on once. The gauge showed three quarters full and I knew I had just filled the car.

Can it be that my car is going bonkers?

I sure hope not. I love that little sabre-toothed donkey on wheels. His name is Dusky-Wuggins.


Carina said...

I'd suggest the car was possessed. Maybe by the Random Imp? Hardly seems likely, seeing how it spends its life at the parsonage or the Bible academy.

Teresa Dawn said...

... Well that's about the oddest story I've read. My car is 20 years old and not advanced enough to have anything but roll-down windows and manual locks on the doors, so if it starts talking I'd be just as confused haha.

And to answer your question,, Yep, your car is going bonkers. I wonder what it'll say next.