Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Barking Beast

Since the weather is mild, I've no longer any excuses to keep me from walking in the evenings, so I decided to take up, once again, my almost abandoned habit of meandering through the streets. Ostensibly, my goal is to lower my weight and blood pressure; however, since those two are doing well, the only goal really left is to fight flab, which, I suspect, is going to be a losing battle, but who said I was a realist?

Anyway, on my swift and steady rounds this evening, I was suddenly challenged by this little beast, who barreled out into the street and blocked my way with blustering barks and guttural growls. Two little girls standing in their yard nearby approached quietly to reassure me. The oldest spoke:

"She won't hurtcha. She's nice."
"I can see that," I lied bravely.
"She's really a sweet doggie."
"She looks sweet," I lied again, "What's her name?"

The little girl smiled as she replied, "Killer."

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