Friday, July 1, 2011

Odd little things about a Small Town

There's that tiny post office, squished between town hall and the Sunshine Cafe. Only it's not really a post office. It's just another dining area for the cafe. So why does it say Post Office? Well, several years ago they filmed a movie in this town and made a lot of changes so that we would fit their decor and specifications. We thought they'd put everything back like they found it...but nope. They finished filming, pulled up all their "road blocked" signs and rushed back to Hollywood. Now our courthouse steps are the wrong color...and occasionally a person passing through town tries to mail a letter at the Sunshine Cafe.


aftergrace said...

I love your little town. I wonder what Hollywood is going to make your little town out to be??

Carina said...

And I'm sure it will continue to confuse newcomers for years to come. It's hard to change something in a small town.