Sunday, July 10, 2011

Marrying and Giving in Marriage

Two of my former students got married yesterday in splendor.
Every moment was carefully planned and the decorations could have been marketed at a Creative Memories convention. I could imagine the bride and her mom, pouring over wedding magazines, choosing every item with careful consideration. I guess the word I need to describe it best is "crafted".

Upon entering the church, guests were asked to sign the registry then add their thumbprints in a shade of green ink to make a leaf on the wedding tree canvas. When that was full, the couple added their own prints in dusty rose as two little birds sitting on a limb in the shade of all these witnesses.

It was not just a decoration, but added to the solemnity of the vows somehow. "We, as witnesses to these vows, were attesting with our fingerprints..."

There was a photo booth, where guests were asked to take their own pictures and received a printed souvenir, hand-made pom poms for a rice-throwing substitute, designer cookies and a table for candy kisses, wedding cakes, white raspberry tea, lemonade and a hamburger supper under the lights.

The groom's cake was a stump, whereupon some weary golfer had carved initials proclaiming his love, and the bride's cake traditional white on a stand of purple flowers.
Several of the smaller children visited this table over and over throughout the evening. It was interesting to watch them come creeping like little mice, unnoticed by the loudly-visiting adults, including many extended family members who "hadn't seen each other in years" and "needed to get together more often".
It went off beautifully. The only thing I would have done differently concerned those 250 burning candles on the tables. With 350 guests packed closely around them, the air-conditioners couldn't really keep us cool enough. But who could have guessed, when these plans were made so carefully in January, that it would be 115 degrees outside in July?
I suppose it will add to the memories as a unique part of the day.

Rayden, Kristin, if your marriage is crafted as carefully as this wedding, it will survive long insanely hot summers even like this one.

May God's blessings be upon you both as you serve Him together.


Carina said...

It definitely was the event of the year for our little community so far. Lots of work for the families, though!!

aftergrace said...

It looked so beautiful! What a wonderful blessing for the whole community.