Friday, June 17, 2011

Fiery Furnace

It's 105 degrees outside--hot, hot, hot.  We've never had a June so hot--August maybe, but not June. Added to that is the need for rain. Last week we got two tenths of an inch, but the ground is in terrible shape again, and the grass is toasted. I'm really ready for rain and some cooler weather.

 I've been leaving the house before six in the morning just so I can get home before the heat. When I start walking the sky looks like this. That's the moon up there, not the sun.

 By the time I get home, it's bright and sunny. Too sunny if you ask me. I could do with less cheer and more clouds and mist and drip, drip, drips of drop, drop, drops. I think it's becoming an obsession with me.

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aftergrace said...

It's been really hot and dry here too. Where are the monsoons of the summer???