Friday, April 15, 2011

Winds...and Dust...and Dashed Hopes

Today began as a hopeful day
For the skies were swathed in cloudy gray
Then a strong north wind
Came bellowing in
And blew our chance for rain away

...along with a few trees here and there. In fact the air was littered with newly sprouted leaves, blossoms, and sticks. It was dangerous to walk around outside at all. I don't know how high the winds were, but they managed to strip the bark off several trees and leave them naked in the cold.

A little farther up the street they ripped apart this massive old elm.

Claye was walking to work in all this. After having escaped a few flying objects, she decided to listen to the radio and see if a tornado was in the vicinity.

Just Oklahoma wind, a little more than usual. Nobody seemed the least bit impressed.


Catherine Denton said...

That is nuts! I'm glad she wasn't hit by them.
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aftergrace said...

Wow! So glad nobody was hurt.